1st raw chocolate infused with CBD in Europe

Our Lovechock team prides itself on pioneering new, great tasting raw chocolate products. On the hunt for novel ingredients we’ve stumbled upon CBD; a truly ingenious natural ingredient derived from the mystical hemp plant; Cannabis Satvia. Lovechock believes in the positive characteristics of CBD and has combined its natural benefits with the power of its raw cacao. Each raw chocolate bar contains 15mg of CBD. This is the first organic CBD infused raw chocolate produced in mainland Europe. Our new bar combines the advantages of raw cocoa with the positive properties of CBD, with a rich taste of toffee.

Did you now that the hemp plant is one of the oldest medicinal and sustainable cultivated plants of mankind, having been used for thousands of years? At some point in history, hemp received notoriety for its “negative” attributes, but has regained interest in past years after numerous studies and medical research into the positive effects of hemp and it’s many cannabinoids.

What is hemp?

The hemp plant is one of the fastest growing plants around and was one of the first plants to be spun into usable fiber 10,000 years ago. It can be refined into a variety of commercial items including paper, textiles, clothing, biodegradable plastics, paint, insulation, bio fuel, food, and animal feed. Humans can also consume hemp in form of tea, oil and as a superfood seed. From the hemp plant (leaves and flowers) you can extract up to 113 different Cannabinoids. One of the main Cannabinoids, which has been researched the most with a variety of benefits is CBD (Cannabidiol). It’s  known for supporting the body’s own natural ability to regain balance.

The overall name for this plant group is Cannabis, another word for hemp. Some plant varieties are breed to have higher levels of CBD. Our product is derived from the Cannabis Satvia  variety.

Another popular cannabinoid is THC, tetrahydrocannabinoil, known for psychoactive impact; the stuff you can get high on. In the variety of Canabis Stavia we use, the THC levels are below the EU norms and are negligible in the final raw chocolate bar. CBD doesn’t have psychoactive effects.

15mg CBD chocolate

Have you ever tried CBD oil? CBD is bitter tasting in its natural form but our new bar makes consuming CBD indulging and fun by using delicious raw cacao, sourced via direct-trade. The cacao is infused with the organic hemp oil from MEDIHEMP with 15mg CBD and sweetened with palm sugar from Red Ape. This sugar provides a tasty, caramel-like flavor and also protects Indonesia's rainforest, the habitat of the orangutans. So you can do something good with every bite - for yourself, for the planet and the farmers. Convince yourself!

The launch of this new raw chocolate creation with CBD fits our purpose of ‘Eating the world happier’. We want to radiate the pleasure of conscious living by showing that you can enjoy delicious food while also loving your body, the planet and the farmer.