Does "raw" chocolate taste different? What is coconut blossom nectar? Is the packaging completely biodegradable? What exactly is the difference between fair trade and direct trade?

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The raw cacao beans are not roasted but cold ground. The Lovechock cacao is processed as little as possible and only at low temperature to preserve its unique taste. In the regular chocolate production process, the cacao beans are roasted and ground at very high temperatures whereby much of the cacao's beneficial qualities and nutrients are destroyed. But with Lovechock we do things different. In our creations many of the amazing cacao substances remain intact, namely antioxidants (flavonoids), polyphenols and "love chemicals". By limiting the processing, we preserve the unique flavor and nutrients of Ecuadorian cacao. Together with our coconut blossom sugar and other natural superfoods you can experience the unique Lovechock flavour!

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A fair remuneration of the cocoa farmers is just as important to us as improving their living conditions on site and a partnership at eye level.

We know that "Fair Trade" enjoys a high reputation among the public and can be very helpful in marketing. Nevertheless, we have chosen for a different sourcing strategy: Direct Trade. This means that we buy our cocoa directly from local farmers' cooperatives. Without intermediaries, so that the purchase price is fully passed on to the farmers. By purchasing directly from the cooperatives, we not only ensure that farmers are fairly paid and well treated for their work, but also facilitate investments that enable them to receive training and purchase new equipment.

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Yes! Out of love for the environment, all Lovechock products are plastic-free and 100% compostable. Also the foil in which the tablets and bars are packed. It is a home compostable cellulose film made of cellulose from sustainable cultivated forests (FSC and PEFC). We are proud to say that you can simply throw the foil in the organic waste bin!

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All of our products are approved by the Vegan Society in England and therefore carry the Vegan logo on the wrapper. We are fully aware of the implications of using animal products, and therefore we choose to make our product completely plant based.

Yes. We have our own machines in our own factory and we only produce vegan chocolate which means all Lovechock products are free from animal substances. Therefore, we can safely say that our product is 100% vegan and 100% lactose free.

Only the best natural ingredients are used for Lovechock. According to our love for the body and love for the farmer philosophy, all ingredients are 100% organic. Above all, of course, our fine cocoa Arriba Nacionale from Ecuador, which is a superior cacao bean from Ecuador. Speciality cacao, such as the Arriba Nacionale from Ecuador, makes up only 4% of the total world cacao trade, the rest is bulk cacao. Lovechock obtains its Arriba Nacionale cocoa beans from biodynamic small farmers who often grow other fruits besides cocoa. This assures a high biodiversity. Organic quality is particularly important for chocolate. Cacao grows in a tropical climate and normally cacao trees are sprayed with lots of pesticides. Lovechock uses cacao which has not been sprayed with pesticides.

Yes! In our production facility there is no processing of grains and all our ingredients are gluten free. We consciously choose grain-like crops (like quinoa in our Mulberry/Vanilla bar) that are low glycemic, gluten free and of high nutritional value.

Palm oil is hidden in many Foods. And as cheap fat ensures palm oil that e.g. chocolate fillings are creamy and melt-in-the-mouth. According to experts, the fat is suspected to contribute to the development of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and cancer. Palm oil also has a negative effect on the environment because forests are cleared for the extraction of this fat. In this way people and animals lose their natural Habitat according to World Wide Fund For Nature (WWF).

The Lovechock chocolate is free from palm oil - and this is documented by a certificate. We only use pure cacao butter in our chocolate. As a sweetener we use most of the time coconut blossom sugar which has been declared by the Federal Agricultural Organisation (FAO) as the most sustainably grown sugar (unlike palm oil, which is another product from a different tree).

Normally you can find Lovechock bars and tablets in your local organic shop. In our Store Locator you can see which store is closest to you. Our chocolate is also available in some online shops.

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The product-specific nutritional value tablet can be found on the packaging.

We are always interested to hear what our customers think of our product. Maybe you even want to give us some good suggestions. We are also happy to hear from you if you are a retailer and are interested in Lovechock. Or do you want to submit a complaint? Also this we want to know! 

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The nibs are finely ground cocoa beans. These small hard pieces are the seeds of the bean which sometimes get into the fermentation process and unfortunately we are not able to remove them all because they are too small. This is the result of having a raw product. Everything that goes into it is, of course, natural!

The cacao content on the label explains the percentage of cacao of the ‘chocolate part’. The "chocolate part" is built from cacao butter, cacao and sweetener. So the cacao content on the label is not the percentage of the whole bar. This is a bit confusing, but the law on labelling compels us to display it in this way. 

So let´s give you an example: On the sticker of our Pure Nibs bar as well as on the sticker of our Goji Orange bar we have a percentage of around 80%.

The Pure Nibs bar contains no fruits or nuts and has a cacao percentage of 80% meaning it is therefore a real representation.  The Goji Orange bar´s cacao percentage is about 60% because the whole bar also contains a lot of fruit.

Yes, the World Health Organization published a report in May 2018 in which they state that natural CBD is not a threat to human and animal health.

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