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Our Raw Chocolate

The difference between "conventional" and our "raw" chocolate first and foremost is the taste. Raw chocolate lets you experience how cacao, the mother of all superfoods, tastes naturally. The difference in taste is due to the completely different way of producing raw chocolate.

Conventional Chocolate Production

To understand the difference, let`s start with a little introduction of conventional chocolate production. This process can be divided in 10 steps:

The chocolate making process starts with taking ripe cacao pods from the tree (1), opening them to get the fruit pulp covered bean out of the pod (2), these beans are placed into wooden tubs and covered with banana leaves to ferment. This process can take between 3-5 days depending on the season (3). Then beans are dried in the sun or a shaded space (4), then usually roasted on high temperatures upto 130 degrees for about 30-50 minutes (5), then cracked/winnowed to separate their outer shell (6). Now, the cacao nibs are ready for grinding into cacao mass (7). Afterwards, the cacao mass or paste can be sterilized, at 95 degrees for 20 mins (8). The 2 final stages are waltzing (usually with sugar, cacao butter and milk) (9) and conching for upto 72 hours to make the chocolate very smooth (10).

This whole procedure makes the cacao that smooth tasting product you know as chocolate. But when you roast for more than 30 minutes on high temperatures, sterilize, waltz, and conch for 72 hours, the beautiful power of raw cacao is lost. We choose to take out these steps because we believe food is better au naturel, pure, real and raw, processed as little as possible.

Our Raw Chocolate process 

Deliciously different, Lovechock takes out a few steps to harness the power of raw cacao:

Compared to regular cacao processes we only lightly roast our beans for 2-3 minutes for food safety, keeping the core nice and raw. We cut out the sterilisation, waltzing and conching part. Lovechock cacao is processed as little as possible to preserve its unique taste and properties.

More specifically: to get to our unique raw taste we choose only the highest quality cacao from Ecuador and Peru. These beans have a wonderful natural sweet, fruity and floral taste. During fermentation (usually 3-5 days, depending on the season) the beans are turned to avoid high fermentation temperatures, allowing the sweet pulp to be absorbed by the bean to create a wonderful full fruity, floral, rich cacao taste. After light shell roasting (4), and winnowing the beans are separated from their outer shell (6) and then ground only 1 or twice (7) to a minimum fineness to produce our signature tablets and bars.

By low processing we preserve the unique flavor and nutrients of our cacao. Together with our coconut blossom nectar and other natural superfoods you can experience the unique Lovechock flavour!