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Our Philosophy

„Ultimately we want to leave this world a little bit better than we found it and spread a little love and happiness on our journey“, says Lovechock Chief Happiness Director Franziska Rosario. With this philosophy and delicious innovative chocolate creations, Lovechock has developed from a small chocolate kitchen to a company with its own factory in the Netherlands, that’s sells it’s precious raw chocolate in more than 20 countries.

Love for You

Healthy Chocolate? We believe that it's possible and that you can enjoy our raw chocolates wholeheartedly and with peace of mind.
Out of love for you we make our organic chocolates from raw cacao. Did you know that raw cacao contains 6 times more flavonoids than blueberries? In traditional chocolate production however, the cacao is strongly roasted. But wouldn't you be careful not to overcook your veggies in order to keep their natural goodness? In much the same way we aim to preserve all the precious natural nutrients in our cacao and only do some quick and light shell roasting for food hygiene reasons.
Our chocolate is low processed and only slightly sweetened with coconut blossom nectar to maintain the authentic natural aromas of our high quality cacao.

Love for the Farmer

Love for the Farmer stands for the respect and appreciation we have for our farmers who grow and harvest all of Lovechock’s natural ingredients. They deserve to be paid fairly for all their hard work. We ensure this by applying the Direct Trade principle. This means that we buy our cacao directly from farmers' cooperatives. And in contrast to the traditional chocolate industry, we have our cacao beans processed into cacao mass in the country of origin, creating more value and jobs in the local economies.

Love for the Planet

For us at Lovechock it is important to honour Mother Nature. This is why we use natural, organic ingredients. Being fully vegan and plant-based, we reduce the impact of our products on the planet. Because we are convinced that real chocolate doesn’t need any milk to be delicious. Love for the Planet also means ensuring that our products are packaged responsibly. We have been using "plastic free" certified foils made from wood cellulose as well as carton from sustainable forests since 2011. So you can simply throw the foil in your compost.

Our Code of Conduct

Since Lovechock was founded more than 10 years ago, we have always based our business on solid sustainable and ethical standards. Our Code of Conduct serves to explain the standards to which we have committed ourselves and which we expect our suppliers and business partners to sign and adhere to, too.